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The question I have is does the file up in the thread have this added VBA code in it? If not, could you be so kind as to post the updated code file that does not save duplicate attachments? I would appreciate it a lot. Andrew, I appreciate the quick response. An unexpected error has occurred. Macro Name: GetAttachments Error Number: Object variable or With block variable not set. There is one at the top and i believe that is what is causing this issue. If you just added this line than the code at the top of the file is still there…. Is there a work-around for when the attachments all have the same name?

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Like what Adrian pointed out? Thank you.

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To the author, do you have a way that i could send this file to you or do you have a github account i can submit the changes to? If author cannot post your updated file, can you consider uploading somewhere where we can download from? To Velani: Hi Andrew, havent been following this so missed this topic. Please send me what you were looking for and I can do an update. Please also comment your bit so you have credit in the code! This really did work brilliantly. Can you let me know why it would now say that there is an error after i used it perfectly fine yesterday?

To Author: This is to address duplicate filenames. It gives me an error number which seems to vary. Any thoughts? The Techguy you saved my life thank you.. HELP… I love this tool. A great script, I was able to run it on my Outlook and extract lots of attachments. However, the script is running into an error and breaking. Any help would be appreciated. Please note and report the following information. Error Number: Error Description: Cannot save the attachment.

Outlook cannot perform this action on this type of attachment. This script works fine for me in Outlook What I would like was a way to have it delete the attachements and replace it with a filelink to the file. Is that possible? You say it is free.

Well written very useful article. Thank you for the macro. I need to download attachments for the particular date…. Can you please share me the code for the same? Error Nomber: Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect execution: I think I need the original macro over the update part added in. I need it to save the files as and not to add numbers onto the original file name. Other than that this is great. I hope you are doing great. It saved a lot of the files, but I am getting this error on most of the outlook data files folders. Do you have any ideas how to get around this? Lovely little macro does just what you say.

Looking for solutions for hours via Thunderbird, Gmail, and Firefox addons.

How to Open, Edit, & Convert BMP and DIB Files

Thank you for work Techieguy! This is working absolutely fine in my outlook , however I need your help to further develop, I receive lot of vendor invoice in PDF via email, which we have to scan in our system, I have a drive in my company pc where if I park this PDF file, this go directly into our system, but we have to rename this PDF file in specific job number in that drive. This script is awesome! However I am in a situation where all the emails are sent to me by my client on google and these emails outlook emails are saved locally on my PC.

I am trying to extract the attachments in each of these emails.

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Can this be done locally? Thank you for this code! I just extracted over 3, files..

Outlook Office Code works perfectly well, but didnt work for me , because I had messages with attachment that had attachment in them. I ran it for the first time and it worked to extract all attachments in my inbox. Will it keep automatically working as new emails come in?

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Or do I have to run it each time and if so, will it re-download all attachments in my inbox or only the new ones? Thank you so much. This worked great the first time. Any idea how to get this to work again like the first time? Thanks a lot, and much more than that. You spared me days of stupid work: I had 7, messages with more than 5, attachments. Fabulous job you did. Had some issues, but moved all emails with attachments to another folder, then ran the macro from there. I owe you a beers…. This was totally what I needed.

I had emails with attachments that I needed to get downloaded today. This did it in less than a minute!!!! Thank you very much.

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Thanks for the Macro, it worked like a Champ. Hi, I found all this information very useful, but as I proceeded further, got puzzeled between some steps and found them too complex for a user like me. Then on internet, I stumbled across another Tool i. This tool worked surprisingly well for me as I was able to save multiple attachments from Outlook emails.

I absolutely love this.

Extracting all attachments from Outlook to your computer– not one by one -

It even works on my Email Exchange account at work. Saved my day. This is the glory and works fantastically in Outlook Took 1 minute to set up, took 3 seconds to save all mails to folder. Can anyone help how to make it work in office an windows 10 i have 4 pst file and 4 separate emails i need attachments from all of them in outlook. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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