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Now you can use it offline. Ticking this box lets you use the service offline and offers continuous dictation with live feedback. It will require MB of storage space though. If you've got new apps, that's why they've got sparkles around it. You can now add profile pictures and LinkedIn contact detail to your contacts. You now get tabs in Finder allowing you to treat your file management like a Safari browser window. If you have multiple windows open you can drag Tabs from one to the other. Right click on the folder you want to open in Finder and select Open in New Tab.

For trackpad users you can two-finger click also. Select the file you want to tag and then press the Tags icon on the shortcuts bar on the Finder Window.

Tutorial Mac Español: Caractéres del alfabeto español

You can either select the Tag you want to assign to the file or create a new one by typing in the box. Files can now be tagged like you see articles on Pocket-lint tagged. You can either assign colours, words, or importance to files and then search or pull up all files with that tag quickly at a later date. To Find files you've tagged via Finder simply scroll down in your Favourites side bar.

Drag your favourite tags to the area below the list to make them available for quick use in Finder menus. To do this make sure the Apple TV and Mac are one the same network and then click on the square icon with a triangle in it on the menu bar at the top of the desktop. Select your Apple TV and start sharing.

Thomas the tank engine fleetwood mac

New displays have a separate window in Mavericks, something that is very much welcomed, but some people no doubt will find that annoying. It will require a reboot, but then things will be back to normal. We've been using the developer preview build at Pocket-lint before we started using the final version and have been impressed.

Part of that is because Apple is being aggressive with how it saves battery life, some of which might not be to your liking. Holding it down for around 10 seconds does a force restart. Many websites display animations using power-hungry plug-ins that can drain battery life so Safari now stops them running, but only if they are to the side of the main action - an advert that's to the side for example. Safari Power Saver pauses it letting you see a static preview, but it doesn't run until you click to play it.

To start the Flash animation, simply click on the power symbol on top of the advert or Flash object. Tap on the battery icon in the menu bar on the desktop and you'll not only see how much battery you've got left in terms of hours, but also which apps are using lots of power. You can monitor what the average energy impact of your most used apps are over an 8-hour period in Mavericks by launching the Activity Monitor and going to the Energy tab.

Here you can Force Quit power-hungry apps or just see how you could ditch those apps that eat all your battery.

Little 500 women's race results

To give you more battery life Apple turns off apps when it thinks they are not doing anything. That's clearly a good thing, but if you want to override this feature you can turn it off if the app supports it. To do so find the App in the Applications folder and then right click to Get Info.

Tick the box that says "Prevent App Nap". Maps is now a dedicated app in Mavericks. You can search the globe for where you are going and send it to your iPhone or iPad to take with you on the go. To share the Maps data either to an iPhone or to someone else via email you merely need to find the share icon. Like the iPhone and Android Maps apps from Apple and Google you can press the location arrow in the top left-hand corner to zoom into where you are right now. All that pinching to zoom and spinning the map can mean you lose sense of where you are. Click on the compass icon in the bottom right hand corner and it will right the map to North.

You can now view traffic in certain places on Maps in Mavericks. Revamped, there are new tips and tricks to be learnt. Slow two-finger scrolling from left to right in week view lets you move through the week day by day, while in month view two-finger scrolling up and down moves the calendar by week. You can now add a buffer of time to your events so you can include travel time to get to the event.

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Mac os x tips and tricks mavericks

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