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It's not uncommon to need to switch between presentation apps. When you need to switch back between platforms, you might need to convert PowerPoint to Keynote format. Let's learn how to do just that together. In it you'll discover the presentation techniques you need to deliver a powerful presentation with impact. Want to walk through opening a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote together?

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Make sure to play the screencast that you see below to learn how to convert a PowerPoint to Keynote presentation. Want to learn more? Keep reading below to learn how to convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations and correct for any incompatibilities as you go. In this example, we're going to convert a PowerPoint presentation and open it up in Apple's Keynote presentation app.

How to Add, Record or Edit Audio or Music in PowerPoint

Throughout this tutorial, you're going to see me use a PowerPoint presentation that's pre-built from the Envato Elements library. Elements is an all-you-can-download service for creatives that includes presentation templates, stock photos, and so much more. When you don't have the time to design something from scratch, it's a lifesaver to grab a template from Elements instead. Start with a presentation template, drop in your details, and presto!

You've created a presentation much more quickly than building one from scratch. Paradox is a beautiful presentation template, but unfortunately is only available in a PowerPoint version. Since we can convert PowerPoint to Keynote presentations, we'll learn how to make it cross-compatible in this tutorial.

It turns out that opening a presentation in Keynote is easier than you might think. It's clear that Apple has acknowledged their role as the second player in the presentation app market and know that it'll take some time to catch up to PowerPoint's market share. Therefore, opening up a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote is pretty straightforward. Now, you'll see the presentation in Keynote.

You might see some warnings about items that didn't translate well to Keynote, but don't worry about that for now. I'm always impressed by how well this conversion process typically works. For example, embedded audio, images, and video worked perfectly in my testing. Once the conversion is complete, save an updated version of the file as a. Keynote will automatically take care of the majority of work in the conversion step. However, that might not be the only step you need to take to prepare your presentation for use in Keynote.

Keep reading to adjust everything else. You might have noticed when you open a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote that there are some warnings about how the "PowerPoint presentation may look different. You need to replace fonts if you don't have them installed on your Mac. When you download presentation templates from Elements, it's likely that the author uses free fonts available online, so make sure to check the documentation and download those available fonts if that's the case.

You'll get the chance to select replacements from the drop-down menu. If you know a similar typeface, you can just select it from this drop-down to replace all instances of it in your Keynote presentation as you can see in the screenshot below. If you don't have access to the fonts that the PowerPoint author used, you might need to make substitutions. On the Replace Fonts menu, choose alternate fonts from the drop-down options. PowerPoint has some really advanced charting features thanks to its tight integration with apps like Excel. Stacked bar charts, pie charts, and so much more are easy to create in PowerPoint.

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Keynote makes it easy to chart too, but the formats don't translate one for one. The problem is that when you try to bring these charts over to Keynote, they don't convert smoothly. Simply put, you might need to re-create new charts in Keynote. This is one type of content that just doesn't convert easily. Both presentation platforms have implemented different ways of doing charting, and it's only natural that it doesn't always work perfectly. As I reviewed my converted PowerPoint presentation, it was clear that several objects and text boxes needed to be repositioned slightly.

It's critical when you convert files from one format to another that they stay "true to form.

Adding audio created in Audacity to a Power Point presentation (Mac Office 2011)

There might be other issues that aren't flagged in the pop-up warning when you first convert. Make sure that you review every slide before you present it to an audience. You want to avoid anything looking off or not working when you share a presentation with an audience.

Insert Audio (Sound) in PowerPoint for Mac

Throughout this tutorial, we've been converting the presentation from PowerPoint to Keynote. The basic idea here is that doing this accommodates users who don't have access to Microsoft PowerPoint. On the Insert tab, in the Media group, click the Audio drop-down arrow. A new window will open, where you have to locate the audio file you want to add to your presentation.

If you choose Link to File , a link to the file will be created, reducing the size of the document.

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  8. However, there could be issues if you use the presentation in a different computer, forcing you to link the audio file to the presentation again. Insert or Link to File Select the option that best suits your needs. Select Record Audio. A new window will open. Entering the file name Press Record to start recording. To stop, press the Stop button. Editing Audio Select the audio whose format you want to adjust. A new set of tabs, called Audio Tools, will appear on the toolbar. These can be helpful if you want to quickly find the main points in your audio during the presentation.

    Adding bookmarks to an audio clip In the Editing group, there are options to add a fade in and a fade out. If you click it, a new window will open, where you can set the start point and the end point of the audio clip.

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    8. Start: Click the drop-down arrow to choose how you want the audio to start. Loop until Stopped: Once the audio clip finishes, it starts again indefinitely until you stop it. Play Across Slides: If you enable this, the audio clip will be played during the entire presentation.

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      Hide During Show: Check this option if you want to hide the icon. Rewind after Playing: Check this option if you want the timer of the audio clip to go back to the beginning when it reaches the end. Audio Styles group You can change the icon of the audio clip.