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Crna Gora. For those of us who crave elegant simplicity, this is a great collection. Thanks for sharing them. Please forgive me if I am just not seeing it but I will not download this many wallpapers unless there is a zip file containing all of them to download at one. Please let me know if I am just not seeing the link. Not White. Just saying Good stuff, thanks.

Desktop Wallpapers Designs

Jessica - no its not. Take wheres wally for instance. Minimalism artwork can say a lot, only because it forces you to look into it more because by nature it is a minimal amount of data to convey information.

Love it so much! Simple and nice!

How to Find Apple's High Resolution OS X Wallpaper Images

I've been looking for these kind of wallpaper for so long and now I found it! Brittany Pines. Nice collection you got there Sorry, but I'm afraid that those aren't wallpapers, those are only Amazing work! Scott Webb.

50+ Beautiful Apple desktop wallpapers

Harry Sandhu. Julia Sabiniarz.

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Step 2: Find an Image to Use

Tumblr Wallpapers. Black Wallpapers. Flower Wallpapers. Funny Wallpapers. And now you can recapture the feeling of existing in the s thanks to this mind-blowing collection of genuine desktop wallpapers.

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Published back in by Wayzata, an early CD-ROM publisher that went bust in , this is a truly incredible collection of images showcasing the cutting edge of mids graphics technology, gathered together in a handy Flickr album by the Internet Archive's Jason Scott.

It's a wonderful relic from a time when no-one really had internet connections or digital cameras, and so if you wanted anything other than the default OS wallpaper on your PC or Mac then you'd either have make it yourself or get it on a disc. This collection features over images, and it ticks all of the s boxes: