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This is, unless someone discovers an as yet hidden setting somewhere in OS X, or until Apple realizes their mistake and fixes Mission Control, the best we can do. After years of using my above answer, i. I use TotalSpaces and Stay and, while generally good, Stay has the side effect of reducing all of my stickies' windows to the same size and placing them on the first space. Every time i reboot I have to rearrange all the stickies for all my spaces. Not fun. To use it, place all the files you want watermarked in a single folder you probably have done this already to use them as background images for your desktop.

Now, here's how to watermark them with the text Work for my Work space. Create a new folder, Work , inside this same folder. So you have, e. This folder is empty now but will be full of watermarked images as soon as you run this script. Open a terminal iTerm2, preferrably 8- , change to your Work subdir, and type in this:.

After a few moments you will have a folder filled with watermarked copies of each image in the parent folder. Make a subfolder for each space and repeat the process, telling OSX to use each individual subfolder for each spaces' backgrounds. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 8 years ago.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Mission Control and Desktop Spaces

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Wuffers Wuffers 14k 12 12 gold badges 83 83 silver badges bronze badges. This is a feature of Hyperspaces , don't know if it's Daniel - Hyperspaces definitely not compatible at present; on my machine it persistently changed the focus of any window or input field you were in, thus prevented you from entering anything. The only solution was to remove it.

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A simple trick to make each separate desktop stand out would be to change the background image on each. John John 94 1 1 bronze badge.

The application will retain its assignment and when launched at a later date, will run on the originally assigned space. Although Spaces was a new feature for Mac OS Virtual desktops also existed for Windows [2] and for the Mac OS via third party software. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  5. This article is about discontinued virtual desktop system. For messaging application, see Google Spaces service.

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    We use a lot of apps on our Macs, and one of the things that can slow us down is rooting through the many windows of multiple applications to find just the right one.

    The Mission Control Pane in OS X Mountain Lion

    As a reminder, you can enter Mission Control in several ways: Click the Mission Control icon in the Dock to display all your spaces, or press Control-Up Arrow, or, if you prefer, perform a three-finger swipe straight up on a multitouch trackpad. I have a hot corner set to display Mission Control as well. Sometimes you may move a window here or there to get a better view of something: a website in Safari, a bunch of files on the Desktop, or your Twitter app.

    Little as those movements might be, they add up—and the sum total is your time. When you want to view a specific app, you can switch to that app, or to its space, and see it without obstructions. In addition, iTunes shows up at the right, as if it were in its own space, because I keep the program in full-screen mode: Any full-screen app gets its own space automatically. In order to ensure that I can work efficiently, and without interruption, I have set up my apps in different spaces.

    Another space contains Evernote and Reminders, both of which I use to take notes and record appointments and things I need to do. Finally, I have two empty spaces: one has a white background, and the other blue.